Drinking water cuts off from dozens of villages

Turkish Occupation’s atrocities are still ongoing against the people of the NE, Syria, the last of which is the blocking the potable water of Hasakah city.

Turkey is turning a blind an eye of the international laws that stipulate to distribute the Euphrates water flow evenly of neighboring countries, if it did not, that would lead to disastrous results on the NE, Syria areas, specifically in terms of some irrigation pumps and drinking water being out of service.

The pump of Tal Saman has partially stopped in pumping the water, which led to the decline of agriculture in the countryside of Girê Spî (the town of Heisha and its villages) by half, according to the estimates of the Directorate of Agriculture. As the interruption continued, the only drinking pump in the town of Heisha, which feeds dozens of villages with drinking water, was affected.

Heisha drinking water pump draws its water from the Tal Saman pump, which is currently working only 4 hours after every 48 hours, which has led to a shortage of drinking water in the town of Heisha and its villages.

According to previous statements by the authorities concerned, the pump is operated 4 hours for the storage of drinking water in the canal, but this period is insufficient for the need of the people, especially with the coming of summer and the increased demand for water.