​​​​​​​SDF : Prohibited Weapons exist in Turkish bases

Bids are under way by the Turkish occupation forces and all the affiliated mercenary groups to build up more military bases in the Ain Issa District and berming areas in Gire Spi Canton, all these bases provided with radars and all species of heavy weaponry.

These operations are taking place in in western Ain Issa such as in the villages of Xirbet Kerem, Tine, Digelit and Dibis close to the Mi’alagh villages, as well as the Saida village in eastern Ain Issa and the same thing applies to Ebkoi and Abu Zuhair in north western Gire Spi.

SDF’s Erdal Kobane says that ”Turkey aims at these bases are very obvious, it is to dismember Syrian soil. After Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi were both occupied, these bases were materialized on the ground to divide regions and territories that led to displacement of thousands of people and some of these bases were built in the villages that were previously inhabited”.

Erdal noted that recently Turkish state brought into these bases different types of weapons such as artillery and tanks, in addition to many other prohibited weapons, ”all areas are being shelled from these bases that spare no civilians and at the same time Turkish occupation gives legitimacy to it’s presence on Syrian soil via thee bases and aspires to bring into life the Ottoman Empire and control people in the region”.

Erdal said ”we are ready to stand up to all attacks carried out by the Turkish occupation forces and all practices adopted as our right to self defence”.

Another SDF fighter, Egid Gire Spi, said ”it is very obvious that Turkish state seeks to control the region completely and more notably the M4, to keep it under surveillance to extend it’s occupation of the region.

Egid added ” the Turkish state is creating new boundaries in Syria to annex those new areas into Turkish territories, for it still embraces the same Ottoman ideas, but in actual reality these are our ancestral lands, of the people of the region”.

Egid indicated that all these newly created bases are distanced from each other 10 km, and that they contain every types of weapons, ”the enemy carry out attacks from these bases, all ground invasions were repelled and resulted in nothing”, all attacks against Ain Issa and periphery are set off from these bases”.