MMC: We support rightful demands of our people, call them to beware abnormal cells

This came during a statement issued by the MMC, commenting on the recent events in Manbij. The statement stated:

“In this sensitive stage that the region is going through in general, especially the Autonomous Administration areas of NE Syria, the threats facing us internally and externally, and the state of siege, where the situation in Manbij forms part of this general situation.

We reaffirm that the doors of the AA are open for dialogue to present their demands and criticisms, which we always stand by, as well-known external and internal parties seek to push the region towards chaos and sow discord, taking advantage of the people’s rightful demands and aiming behind this to strike the gains of our people and target stability in Manbij.

This became clear through the attack on security and military headquarters by people and criminal cells receiving instructions from external parties, which led to casualties and injuries.

Since these parties are trying to argue the issue of, the duty of self-defense that has been implemented for seven years. This confirms that these parties are trying to exploit the economic conditions and difficulties experienced by Syrians in all regions and Manbij in order to achieve goals and agendas that serve their parties in striking stability in Manbij.

We in the Military Council of the city of Manbij and its countryside affirm that we stand by our people, just as we liberated them from the clutches of terrorism so that they can live in freedom and peace, and our main task is to protect our people from any external attack and to ensure safety and stability. Besides, we will not hesitate to take all measures to confront any criminal scheme. It targets the stability of the city and targets the safety of its people, and this is one of our basic duties that we pledged to our people and our martyrs to implement.

We ask our people in Manbij to be careful not to exploit some abnormal cells for their rightful demands, as they aim to strike confidence and stability in the region, sow discord and spread rumors to undermine the gains of our people. We must stand shoulder to shoulder to expose and expose them and thwart their criminal plans.