Manbij clans: Democracy, co-existence and the brotherhood of peoples do not satisfy the clients


During their statement, Sheikhs and clans’ notables sent a letter to the people of Manbij, confirming that they had examined all the demands made by the people of Manbij with the administration of the city and its military and security forces, and had made proposals to meet those demands in the interests of the citizens.

The text of the statement reads:

“To our people in Manbij and its countryside

We live in this crucial period in Syria’s history of instability. We are in areas of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria in general and in Manbij city and its countryside in particular. we embody the highest degrees of democracy, coexistence and brotherhood of peoples, and this does not satisfy the clients.

On Monday, May31st, there were peaceful demonstrations to express our democracy in north and east Syria in order to demand some right requests, but the instigators and thugs have exploited the situation to sow chaos, discord and instability in the city of Manbij in all its components.

The demonstrators had exercised their right to maintain the laws and regulations in force in north and east Syria, but the instigators spread the chaos, resulting in a clash that killed one of our young men and injured others.

We are sheikhs and clans’ notables in Mabij city and its countryside, first of all, we offer deepest condolence to martyr’s family and we wish the injured a speedy recovery.

We inform you, our people in Manbij and Rural, that an extensive meeting was held immediately and expeditiously, attended by sheikhs and clans’ notables, civilian and military councils and Internal Security Forces. All the demands made by the demonstrators have been examined. All the proposals have been put in place to meet these demands in the interests of all citizens in trying to prevent the instigators and weak souls from achieving their agendas aimed at striking stability and destabilizing security in north and east Syria.

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