​​​​​​​3 decisions passed in Manbij trio meeting

The statement that was read by Manbij Military Commander Mohamed Abu Adel is as follows:

” we are in Manbij undergoing very grave situation that entails all to bear ethical and human responsibilities in deference of martyrs and preserving peace and security after the unfortunate incidents that the city witnessed in the last two days resulted in victims of our people demanding legitimate rights.

Democratic Civil Administration and the Manbji Military Council held a meeting with tribal leaders in which three decisions were passed in a statement.

We, the Democratic Civil Administration, Manbji Military Council and tribal leaders, condole with our people and take sympathy with them, wishing a speedy recovery for the injured. At the request made by tribal leaders to preserve peace and security and maintain stability and coexistence, and to avert sedition they following has been reached:

  1. Rescinding the compulsory recruitment and the Self Defence Servie in Manbij and countryside referring it to discussion and reconsideration.
  2. Setting free all detainees held relevant to this incident.
  3. Forming a committee to commence investigation into the circumstances that led to firing and holding accountable those responsible for that.