Manbij administration pays for wounded treatment in recent incidents

Co-chair of the Executive Council in Manbij and its countryside, Mohammed Khair Sheikho, said at the beginning of the statement, which he read in the presence of representatives of the Civil Administration in Manbij, that “the unfortunate events that our city experienced in the past few days caused the injury of many civilians who were present in the gatherings that went out.”

Mohammed Khair Sheikho, while reading the statement he addressed to the people of Manbij, added, “We, in the Democratic Civil Administration in Manbij and its countryside, bear our moral and humanitarian responsibility towards our wounded people, and we undertake all the necessary medical obligations and the financial costs for treatment.”

The Democratic Civil Administration in Manbij assigned the Health Committee to follow up the affairs of the wounded and to supervise their treatment until they recover.

At the conclusion of the statement, Sheikho wished the wounded a speedy recovery

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