MMC reveals outcome of shelling on frontlines in May


The Centre said that villages that had been bombed and randomly targeted with light, medium and heavy weapons were populated and had caused damage to civilians’ homes and property.

It explained that the targeting and bombing of villages in the north and west of Manbij city were carried out from Turkish Occupation bases in the occupied Syrian areas of northern Syria.

During the past month, the Turkish Occupation had deliberately burned large areas of agricultural land in the axes of Al-Hoshrieh and Al-Jat villages.

The Media Center also reported on an infiltration attempt by mercenary gangs belonging to Turkey, Friday, on May 21st, in the village of Al-Jat, northeast of Manbij city, by Manbij Military Council fighters, which resulted in the death of three mercenaries whose weapons were seized by Military Council fighters.

The Centre said that the attack and attempted infiltration coincided with a Turkish bombardment of its bases in the area randomly on the villages of Al-Hoshrieh and Al-Jat with medium and heavy weapons, and an attempt to withdraw the bodies of their dead. Meanwhile, some 50 shells were fired from the Turkish Occupation base based in the village of Keratah, north-east of Manbij.

The Manbij Military Council Media Centre reported that the bombing had caused the destruction of a number of civilians’ homes and panic among the inhabitants of the two villages and continued until 7:00 p.m., burning large areas of agricultural land in Al-Jat and Hoshrieh villages.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish Occupation Army and its mercenaries bombard almost daily the villages north and west of the city of Manbij with missiles and machine guns, sometimes causing casualties among the civilians living in those villages.

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