Manbij Women: Stop killing women defending their land, cause and people


Deputy of the Executive Council of the Democratic Civil Administration in Manbij and its countryside, Noura Al-Hamed, delivered the statement in front of the administration building in the city center, in the presence of members of civil and military institutions, holding pictures of Martyr Deniz Poyraz and Martyr Zahia Berkel, in addition to a banner with “Enough killing. With our resistance, we will achieve victory and build pluralistic democratic Syria” written on.

On behalf of Manbij city women, the statement paid tribute to “all those who carried and still carry the banner of freedom and peace,” and added: “In the name of every free woman who has resisted and is still resisting injustice and aggression, in the name of right and in the name of freedom, we gather today to raise our voice loudly for Erdogan and the whole world to hear that women will remain free and will not accept oppression and humiliation.”

It continued, “We say enough killing, enough being silent, enough killing women defending their land, cause, and people, who have become a threat to the Turkish state and its mercenaries; therefore, they were and still are the main target for them, so they killed them, struck their will and erased their identity. Enough silence over what Erdogan and his mercenaries are doing towards women.”

The women of Manbij denounced “the repeated attacks launched by Turkey which does not like the approach we are following. When it failed to control the thought and mentality of women and occupy our lands, it resorted to indirect war on women and followed the policy of special war and creating strife among the people, and what happened in Manbij city in the recent events of riots and strife, we find hostile parties carried out them, but with the awareness of our society and women in particular, we were able to extinguish the strife and complete the course of struggle and resistance against sedition, killing and occupation.

They called on humanitarian and human rights organizations to put an end to Turkey’s “immoral and inhumane” practices.

The statement concluded by chanting slogans that revive the resistance of free women and call for co-existence, such as (No to killing women… No to sedition… Yes to co-existence… Long live the resistance of free women… Long live a pluralistic democratic Syria).

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