Turkish shelling on Manbij cause child and woman injuries



On its official website, the Manbij Military Council said that at 2:00 this morning, the Turkish occupation army targeted the village of Awn al-Dadat, north of Manbij city, from the Tokhaz base, with mortars, a girl and a woman were seriously injured.

“11 shells, 4 of them fell at the centre of the village of Aon al-Dadat resulted in the injury of a woman, 40, and a 17-year-old girl”.

Stressing that the bombing also caused material damage inside the village.

In addition, Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are increasingly violating the populated villages along the plan of the Sajour Front, from the village of Al-Hoshriya to the village of Al-Bugaz, Manbij Military Council Media Center.

Earlier today, MMC Media Center revealed the outcome of Turkish bombing of Manbij villages during the past June, confirming that 21 Manbij villages adjacent to the front lines had been bombed by shells, mortars and heavy and medium weapons, causing extensive material damages.

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