IED dismantled in rural Manbij

IED dismantled in rural Manbij

According to the Media Center of the Internal Security Forces, a report was received by their forces that there was a foreign body in the village of Umm Kharza, so that the forces hurried, in coordination with the mine action team, to the mentioned place.

The media center added in a statement, “The Internal Security Forces imposed a security cordon to preserve the lives of citizens, and the team began examining and revealing the body, to find that it was an explosive device belonging to the remnants of terrorist organizations, with the aim of destabilizing the security and safety of our areas, prepared for detonation through wires connected to each other.”

The center confirmed that the package was removed without any significant damage or losses.

The Internal Security Forces urged citizens to report any strange or suspicious object to the nearest forces center in order to preserve the security and safety of the area.

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