Repeated calls demanding AANES receive recognition


July 19th Revolution 2012 was launched from the city of Kobani to spread across the north and east of Syria, a revolution that, thanks to the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs in the face of ISIS, threatened all humanity, and the Turkish state and its later mercenary.

Democratic Autonomous Administration DAA of Jzaira was officially announced on January 21st, 2014, followed by the declaration of Autonomous Administration in Afrin and Kobani cantons, and with the liberation of the city of Raqqa from ISIS mercenaries in October 2017, the Democratic Autonomous Administration was restructured into the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria which was announced in 2018.

Despite repeated calls by society across the spectra, the international community continues to ignore AANES.

In this regard, the co-chair of the Conference of the Democratic Islamic Society in North and East Syria, Dalal Khalil, pointed out that the Autonomous Administration was established at a time when the people of the region were looking forward to getting rid of the suffering they suffered and building a democratic project.

Dalal Khalil stated that AANES allowed all components of the region to revive their culture and religion, learn freely in their language, recognize their rights, give them the right to self-determination and express their opinion freely: “All these things in our regions were lacking prior before establishing AANES. The components were marginalized, but now the situation is different. The administration recognizes each component, and we recognize it as a project that aspires to democratize Syria and is required to resolve the outstanding Syrian crisis and to lead a secure life in which the different perspectives and the country’s political, economic and social revival are accepted.

For his part, the member of the Congress of the Islamic Democratic Society of Tirbespiyê, Mousa Al-Bahri, noted the need to open dialogue between the AANES and Damascus Government and to recognize and join forces with a view to protecting and improving Syria: “All of us in Syria have legitimate rights. We must join hands without denying any side to achieve what benefits Syria as a whole. AANES has been able to establish security in areas in the north and east of Syria by fighting ISIS.

Member of the Islamic Democratic Community Conference in North and East Syria, Abeer Ali, stressed the need to recognize AANES, saying” “AANES has contributed significantly to the salvation of society from oppressive thinking enshrined by the former ruling regimes seeking to create sectarian conflicts, and has been able to resolve outstanding issues in the north and east of Syria, recognize all religions and communities and achieve equality, as well as respect for rights and democratization in contrast to the previous regime, which recognized only one community.”

She said: “Under the 10 years of war in Syria, the AANES provided its military forces with thousands of martyrs in order to protect the region, secure many jobs for citizens, denying it is tantamount to denying the sacrifices of the martyrs, return the area to the unacceptable former regime with the wrong approach, and called for “We must all join together to advance the homeland, resolve the Syrian crisis and not turn back. “

Abeer Ali appealed to the international community to support and recognize AANES, saying: “AANES project is a well – founded development project in Syria that seeks to achieve what benefits society, and must therefore be formally supported and recognized.”

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