Bab Military Council refutes accusations of shelling al-Bab city

Al-Bab Military Council has refuted the accusations of shelling al-Bab city before yesterday, resulting more than 20 casualties, those who accuse us of shelling our people in al-Bab city are themselves who target the Manbij villages’ people and the eastern countryside of al-Bab, without taking into consideration the civilians’ lives and ignoring to all international values and norms.”

The statement reads:

“In the name of the Al-Bab Military Council, leadership and fighters, we categorically refute the responsibility of our military forces for the bombing of al-Bab city the day before yesterday, Thursday 5/8/2021, which killed a number of our people in Al-Bab city, in addition to dozens of wounded people.

We also note that these accusations against our forces are unfounded, and we affirm our commitment to humanitarian values and principles by saving the civilians’ lives anywhere, not just in al-Bab city.

We decry this act, which has resulted in casualties among the population.

We call on human rights and humanitarian organizations, as well as international institutions, to intervene to curb these irresponsible criminal practices against our people.

We pledge to our people in al-Bab city, which is under the oppression of the Turkish occupation, that we will continue the struggle until it is liberated from the abomination of terrorism and we liberate all Syrian lands from the abomination of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

Mercy to our martyrs who lost their lives in al-Bab city, and a speedy recovery to the wounded.”

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