Sheikho calls on the international community to put an end of Turkish crimes

Myriad crimes committed against civilians by Turkish occupation, causing casualties, In Ain Issa, four members of one family were killed and two other persons were injured as a result of the targeting of their home by a Turkish tank. In Manbij, northern and western villages are witnessing near-daily bombing of densely populated villages, posing a threat to thousands of lives.

Co-chair of the Executive Council in Manbij and its countryside, Mohammad Khair Sheikho, noted that “the series of Turkish attacks and attacks on Syrian territory, specifically in the north and east of Syria, continued from the cutting off of water from Hasakah city and the Euphrates River until it was recently manifested by military attacks and missile and missile attacks the areas in north and east Syria.”

Sheikho pointed to the international silence regarding the massacres committed by Turkey against civilians, “and the last of these massacres and inhumane crimes were committed against defenseless civilians in the Ain Issa area by targeting civilians’ homes, one of the houses was targeted, resulted in the the martyrdom of a number of family members and the wounding of others. In front of these violations world states still remain silent, and does not respond to the calls and distress of the people of north and east Syria.”

He noted that ” What is being done by Turkey violates the international conventions and treaties, starting with the preservation of good-neighbourliness, which we focus on in the social contract. We have always sought to preserve good-neighbourliness, and to this moment no aggression has been recorded from our regions against the Turkish occupied areas.

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