Manbij celebrates its fifth liberation anniversary

All components, members of civil and military institutions and political parties in Manbij, and a delegation from the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria of Raqqa participated in the celebration.

The celebration began with a minute of silence in remembrance of the souls of the martyrs, and then the co-chair of the Executive Council in Manbij, Muhammad Khair Sheikho, gave a speech in which he said, “Five years ago, the Manbij Military Council and the Syrian Democratic Forces responded to the call of the people of Manbij and the cries of mothers until liberation was on this day five years ago. For years, we offered martyrs to stand in glory and dignity.”

Then, the co-chair of the Personnel and Labor Affairs Committee in North and East Syria, Farouk Al-Mashi, delivered a speech in which he said: “This administration seeks its legitimacy from its people, and our message is a lofty one before the whole community.”

The spokesman for the Manbij Military Council, Shervan Darwish, in turn gave a speech at the celebration, in which he said: “The great goals require many sacrifices, and on this day, the first to remember and salute, are the martyrs who sacrificed themselves on this path and for this great victory.”

As for a member of the Council of the Future Syria Party in Manbij, Hind Daghestani, said during a speech she gave on behalf of the party: “This memory is dear to our hearts. We always recall it by insisting on continuing construction, liberation and giving, and for the sake of the freedom and dignity of our great people and for the sake of building a free, democratic, pluralistic, decentralized Syria that guarantees the dignity of the people.” and their freedom.”

Nisreen Al-Ali, a spokeswoman for the Zanoubiya Women’s Gathering in Manbij, said, “This day has been immortalized, the day the sun of freedom rose and the banners of victory were raised, and the thorns of ISIS, which was applied the most horrific methods against peoples and women in particular, was broken.”

The celebration activities are still continuing, with many poetic and lyrical performances and special Dabkeh in the components present in Manbij.

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