Turkish occupation shelled Manbij villages with 115 shells since last night

This came through a statement issued by the Media Center of the Manbij Military Council, in which it revealed the outcome of the battles and bombardment that took place in the countryside of Manbij from last night until Thursday morning, and said that the Turkish occupation army targeted at 10:15 pm on Wednesday the inhabited village of Om Adasah with Heavy and medium weapons.

At 12:28 am, it targeted the villages of Al-Kawkli, Al-Yalanli and Al-Hamra in the northwestern countryside of Manbij.

It also targeted the villages of Al-Hoshariya, Al-Jat and Al-Tokhar Al-Saghir at 10:00 on Thursday morning.

The center indicated that the number of shells fired by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries amounted to 115 mortars, one of which fell on a tent of a civilian who works in raising livestock, while eating lunch and did not explode, and another fell among the livestock which led to the death of 9 of them.

The center confirmed that the sources of these shells are the bases of the Turkish occupation army stationed in the villages of Sheikh Nasser, Shuweiha and Al-Tokhar Al-Kabeer.

The center added, “In the early hours of the morning, the Manbij Military Council forces managed to thwart an infiltration operation carried out by a group of Turkish mercenaries in Al-Jat village. Violent clashes took place between the Manbij Military Council fighters who are present in the village of Al-Jat and the Euphrates Shield mercenaries who tried to infiltrate into Al-Jat village, and it lasted from 5:30 until 6:00 in the morning.

During these clashes, the Manbij Military Council fighters were able to kill two mercenaries. A mercenaries’ Kalashnikov also fell into the hands of the fighters of the Military Council. As a result of the high readiness and resistance shown by the fighters, the infiltration operation failed.”

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