SDF arrest 34 of ISsi cells and their collaborators in Raqqa countryside

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces said that “within the framework of counter-terrorism operations and terrorist cells related to ISIS, the Syrian Democratic Forces backed by the Women’s Protection Units carried out yesterday morning large-scale combing operations and raids in specific areas in the western countryside of Raqqa, targeting ISIS cells and a number of dealers with them.”

The center added, “The operation came on the basis of accurate intelligence information about the infiltration of some terrorist elements into the random camps in the western countryside of Raqqa, after some of its residents facilitated the work and shelter of these elements and provided them with logistical support.”

The center confirmed that “during the operation, our forces combed those camps on both sides of the road leading to the city of Tabqa, where they seized an ISIS terrorist cell consisting of four terrorists, as well as arrested 30 of those who dealt with them in providing logistical support and harboring terrorist elements, and our forces also confiscated a quantity of weapons, ammunition, as well as military clothing that were in the possession of the terrorist cell.”

In conclusion, the Media Center said, “Our forces affirm their determination to track and target terrorist outposts, pursue their elements in Raqqa city and countryside, especially those trying to exploit the humanitarian conditions of the displaced in the region to settle in the camps and spread terrorist ideology within them.”

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