Shengal –Zarghan onslaughts bear genocidal acts


Today a statement was released by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria on attacks carried out by the Turkish state against Shengal and Zarghan reading :

”Turkey continues its project in the region of reviving the obsolete Ottoman role, so it defies all norms and international conventions and carry out its attacks on the region. What had happened and still happens in Shengal is nothing but a continuation to what ISIS could not achieve, that is coercing the region into a Turkish puppet besides Turkey sends messages to Iraq of not respecting its sovereignty. All these acts are clear defiance to the will of Yazidis that stood up to all hostile conditions and plans and sought to build up their administration and forces.

In the very same way, what happened in Tal Tamr and countryside are not isolated acts, rather they run into the same policy adopted by Turkey that is annihilation and aborting every bid of development by people in the region.

We condemn in the strongest words the hostile Turkish and its agents actions calling on our people in Shengal to take the side of the self-built project we also stress that Iraq has to put an end to these practises done by Turkey that encroaches the Iraqi sovereignty sending the same call to Russia and the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS and the international community at large to terminate these irresponsible hostile actions.”

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