We will continue our resistance no matter how difficult the circumstances

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) reduced its water supply to Afrin canton by less than half last 11 July, supplying the canton by 2,400 cubic metres to 10,000 cubic metres, cutting off drinking water to many villages and areas and reducing it in camps.

Displaced, Asslan Nibo, who is staying in 7th sector in Berxwedan Camp,”In the camps we face hot summer and cold winter, and we face a sveres siege by the Damascus government and constant bombardment by the Turkish occupation to adhere us to resist our rights.”

He went to say that ” The decision of UNICEF to undermine our will and distance us from our goal of liberating Afrin,” and “no matter how difficult we are in the camps, we will continue to resist until Afrin is liberated and returned.”

Displaced, Refat Aloush, who is staying in 2nd sector in Berxwedan Camp, and drew to the multi-faceted siege by Damascus Government and UNICEF. “Following the imposition of a siege on us, the cut off of the fuel and the failure to allow medicines to pass into Shahba canton, we see today that the waters that God blessed us have been reduced to the camp’s IDPs.”