12 Turkish soldiers and 10 mercenaries killed in Bab

” on 19 August member of the Commanding Council of the SDF and Women Defence Units Sosin Birhat and ‘Eid Girke Lege and two Tal Tamr Military Council fighters in an attack by the Turkish occupation forces on Relations Office of the Tal Tamr Military Council. On the very same day a YPG’s commander Renas Roj martyred on the Ali Fero Road in an attack on his car. Attacks were intensified by Turkish occupation on our areas claiming lives of tens of civilians of whom women and children and others injured causing as well material damages to houses, farms and properties.

In repellence to that our forces carried out on 7 September targeted the village of Bashili in the Bab area home to 60 soldiers and mercenaries. Our forces targeted posts and sites assigned with protecting the Bashili site.

The operation started with a painful explosion destroyed large parts of the site, fortifications and military vehicles in and around the site.

All in all, 12 soldiers of the Turkish occupation forces and 10 mercenaries were killed and n equal number was in addition to destroying 3 armored vehicles, 2 bulldozers and a big number of buildings and fortifications, heavy weapons and equipment.

Our comrades that carried out the operation returned peacefully. Protecting NES people and values is our main mission. We do not attack any country rather we response to attacks that target our people, region and fighters that is our right.

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