Manbij Military Council abort mercenary sneak attempt

Media Office of the Manbij Military Council announced a sneak attempt by mercenary groups of Euphrates Shield supported by Turkey into sites held by Manbij Military Council at outskirts of Um Adese at the early hours of the day was aborted by forces of the council that stood up to them valiantly inflicting injuries.

Clashes coincided with violent artillery and mortar shelling from the Yashili base of the Turkish occupation forces on areas held by Manbij Military Forces with at least 26 shells launched”.

This follows an operation carried out by the Bab Military Council against bases and areas held by Turkish occupation forces and mercenaries in Yashili leaving 12 Turkish occupation soldiers and 10 mercenaries dead and many others injured in a repellence operation that shocked mercenaries and occupiers alike.

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