Turkish occupation army drops hundreds of missiles in September

The media center said in a statement published that “the Turkish occupation forces continue to violate, and hit against the wall  the nternational laws and norms, and bombed the people in the Sajjour in the north side of the city of Manbaj, And villages in the countryside of the Arimah, where the number of missiles launched by the Turkish occupation army amounted to (723) shells, on the following areas:

– Al-Hoshriah, Al-Jat, and Al-Tokhar: 151 shells

 Arab Hassan, Mohsenli, and Aoun El-Dadat: 51 shots

 – “Al-Farat” Umm Adassa and al-Dandaniya: 303 shells

Al-Sayyada: 76 shells

 Al-Yalanili: 52 shells

 Umm Jaloud: 4 shells

Arima and its affiliated villages: 86 shells fell on the villages of Arima, Al-Kawkli, Al-Boughaz, Qart, Yaran, Al-Yalani, Mazraat Al-Fawares, Korhyuk, Jib Al-Hamra and Mafraq Al-Awsali.

 The media center said that the bombing caused damage to the electricity network and civilian homes in the village of Arab Hassan, and to fires in agricultural crops in the village of Umm Adasa.

It added: “Within the framework of the legitimate right of self-defense, our forces targeted a mercenary’s military vehicle, which was targeting the Manbij Military Council points in the village of Umm Adasah.

 The Al-Bab Military Council forces responded to the sources of the bombing that targeted the village of Al-Sayada, and were able to reach the base of the Turkish occupation army stationed in the village of Al-Yashli, and inflicted casualties among them.  In addition to destroying weapons and equipment on the base.

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