Shervan Derwish: attacks on region to revive ISIS

In an interview carried out by ANHA, spokesperson for the Manbij Military Council Shervan Derwish said that international efforts are being made to find a solution to the Syrian Crisis though many powers are still aspire to extend zones of influence and are not interested in any political solution to the crisis most notably is the Turkish occupation state in addition to others present on Syrian soil.

Shervan confirmed that they will never allow any part to encroach upon their lands that was liberated by sacrifices made indicating that attacks on NES aim at ISIS revive supported by powers.

Shelling that is carried out on daily bases cause material damages to peoples’ properties living on frontline areas. Turkish forces are not only targeting military posts or sites rather they target basically civilians. There is a wide scale war adopted by the Turkish state against people in NES by every evil species, water reduction, blockade and border crossing closure are all discharge into this policy.

Shervan touched upon the military operation carried out by their council in repellence to Turkish crimes and violations against the ‘region when they targeted a Turkish military base lately” the region is still open to new wars, we are entitled to defend ourselves, people and land and city that was liberated from ISIS desecration by sacrifices made. This a right internationally acknowledged in accordance with laws and conventions’ he said.

Shervan said that many infiltration attempts were made by the Euphrates Shield mercenaries backed by the Turkish state on the line that separates Manbij Military Council fighters and mercenaries alongside the frontline. Shervan added most attempts were met with failures and that deaths and injuries among mercenaries were reported. .

Shervan Derwish said that the part that brings wars to the region is the one that occupies Syrian territories and launches battles from Manbij up to Ain Issa and Zarghan just to keep the region on alert and to forbid people to live in freedom they seek a decade.

At the end Shervan said that Turkey seeks to strike at the region in which peace and stability prevail and to foment sedition in the society that used to live coherently for long periods of time and to tear this social fabric.

We ought to be defiant and united and develop ourselves to stand up to challenges posed to attain victory. The alternative to victory is annihilation, Shervan concluded.

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