​​​​​​​FSP in Manbij: Threats will not discourage us

This came in a statement, read by Ruqayya Al-Issa, in front of the Al-Muharraq and Al-Farat Council building for the Future Syria Party, west of the city of Manbij, commenting on the Turkish attacks and threats against northern and eastern Syria.

At the beginning of the statement, she said: “We are in the eleventh year of the Syrian crisis, and the people are still suffering from the scourge of war, displacement and destruction of the infrastructure and intellectual property, and destruction of the social fabric, without serious steps by the parties to the internal conflict and the influential external parties controlling the paths of Syrian crisis”.

She pointed out that “the international community is living in a state of political sterility, making it unable to find a way out to end the suffering of the Syrians through the economic crisis that has exhausted the citizen and the health crisis as well, in light of the increasing number of infections with the Coronavirus pandemic and the international silence that has given way more to countries with occupational interests and colonialism, especially the Turkish state, which is trying to exploit the Syrian crisis.

She explained that “the Turkish state is seeking to achieve its ambitions and agendas in the region, and the whole world is witnessing the negative role of the Justice and Development Party in fueling the Syrian conflict by supporting the terrorist organization ISIS and some mercenary factions, who have become tools in the Turkish hand in order to strike the state of safety and stability, and abort the experiment of the national democratic project that resists the project of tyranny and occupation.

The statement pointed out that “through the military operations practiced by the Turkish state, it has committed the most heinous types of crimes and violations of human rights and the demographic change through which it is trying to obliterate the civilizational landmarks that testify to the antiquity of the Syrian people.”

The statement noted that “Turkey has not stopped at a certain limit, but is trying every day to complete its plans, using several means, starting with the media war that spreads fear and terror in the hearts of the Syrians, as well as the use of drones to target civilians, and this is the biggest evidence of the inability of the fascist regime to The advance is a few meters in front of the steadfastness of the Syrian Democratic Forces.”

In conclusion, the statement denounced the Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria, and affirmed standing by the people’s demands to live in freedom and democracy and alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces, and that “these threats will not discourage our resolve to complete the path of the martyrs and chart a new future in a pluralistic, democratic and decentralized state.”

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