US State Department: Terrorist groups in Syria threaten our national security

The United States said that ISIS in Syria threaten its national security and the Syrian people, and that the American forces will not withdraw until this threat is eliminated, according to the Al-Arabiya English website.

“Terrorist groups like ISIS in Syria, directly threaten U.S. national security and the Syrian people. The United States remains committed to the military mission against ISIS,” the State Department said in a tweet.

conflicting reports have surfaced in recent months about commitment US President Joe Biden to remain in the Middle East after the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

However, US officials and diplomats told Al-Arabiya English earlier that their forces will remain in Iraq and Syria until their mission are completed.

in Iraq, after exposure to increased pressure from Iran-backed groups and political parties, Washington agreed to end its “combat mission” and move to supervisory role.

Despite the presence of US forces in Iraq at the invitation of Baghdad, the pro-Iranian factions are calling on US forces to leave the country.

As for Syria, the United States continues its fight against ISIS in the northern part of the country. On Friday, the State Department dismissed all doubts about the United States’ intention to withdraw for the foreseeable future.

“We will continue our mission in Syria until the threat posed by the terrorist group is eliminated,” the State Department said.