Manbij Military Council discloses Turkish bombing toll on villages adjacent to Al-Sajour

On December 28, 2021, Manbij Military Council’s Media Center published ” outcome of the Turkish violations and its affiliated mercenaries on the villages along the Sajour line.

“The villages located on Al-Sajur line witnessed heavy bombardment with morter shells by the Turkish occupation army stationed at Sheikh Nasser base, Al-Shuwaiha base and Al-Zarzour base in addition to outskirts of Al-Arima town, Al-Yalani village, Al-Fawares farms and Qart Wiran, which situated on east of Al-Bab city, on December 28, 2021 since 9:30 pm”,

Manbij Military Council’s Media Center.

“The number of artillery shells reached 16, also at 10:33, the Turkish occupation army targeted villages: Al-Asaliya, Al-Jamousiya, Um Adasa, Al-Sayada, and Al-Dandania, northwest of the city of Manbij through intense fire and mortar shells, from the bases of Al-Yashli and Al-Karabli, the shells that hit those villages reached 68 mortar shells. As for the shells that targeted villages: Mohsenli and Arab Hassan, amounted to 16 mortar shells, in addition to use Dushka and medium weapons “, it added.

Worth mentioning that all of these villages are inhabited, and the Turkish occupation constantly fires missiles at civilian homes and the agricultural lands.

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