Internal Security: Woman-Child martyred in Turkish shelling on Manbij

According to a statement released by the General Command of the Internal Security Forces of North and East Syria, it revealed the outcome of the shelling on the countryside of Manbij last night:

”Turkish occupation and its mercenaries targeted on 29 December civilian houses in Sayada Farm in rural Farat town to the west of the city of Manbij, using artillery and rocket shells that reached 60 ones.

The shelling resulted in the martyrdom of a woman and her she- child aged a year and a half, causing as well immense material damages to properties on which our forces intervened to save lives of civilians from these barbaric encroachments and attacks.

We condemn and denounce the criminal acts that are committed by Turkish occupation and mercenary groups against our people in Manibj. We call as well on the international community to stop these crimes against NES”.

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