​​​​​​​Manbij residents: Turkish occupation targets civilians on Sagur line

The Turkish occupation continues the military escalation in several fronts of northern and eastern Syria, namely Manbij, Ain Issa, Tal Tamr and Zirghan. A number of civilians lost their lives in Manbij and Zirghan in the last two weeks as a result of the bombing of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries.

In this context, Amina Jarrah, citizen from al-Mohsanily village, near the village of al-Sayyada, west of Manbij, said: “Our wishes were that this year would be free of pain and safe and stable, but the Turkish occupation bombed the area at the end of 2021 as farewell, and we received a new year with more than 50 shells.”

Amina Jarrah continued by saying that “the Turkish occupation is targeting civilians and homes on the Sagur Line. Its bombing is also killing innocent children and women. A woman and a six-month-old girl were killed in this bombing in al-Sayyada village a few days ago.”

In his turn, Mahmoud Abu Raad, citizen from al-Sayyada village said, “The missiles that targeted civilians were indiscriminate, which caused the destruction of citizens’ property from homes, electricity networks and livestock as well, and led to the martyrdom of citizen Sanaa al-Ali and her six-month-old child, which is unbearable.”

Mahmoud noted that “al-Sayyada village and its vicinity is inhabited by 3,000 people and all of us are against these violations and crimes committed by the occupation and its mercenaries.”

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