Zenobia Office in Manbij decries Turkish occupation’s brutal attack on village in Manbij

The statement, which was delivered in front of the office in the center of Manbij, was attended by representatives and members of the civil and military institutions in the city.

The statement was delivered by a member of the office of the Zenobia Women’s Gathering, Heba Al-Ahmad, condemned the repeated attacks of the Turkish occupation state on NE Syria, and in the city of Manbij in particular.

It pointed out that “the recent aggressive Turkish bombardment that targeted peaceful civilians in their homes, caused the death of the mother, Hana Aziz Al-Ali, and her six-month-old daughter, Sham Amir, in the village of Al-Sayada.”

The statement of the Zenobia Gathering office confirmed that ” Turkish occupation atrocities in which neither children and women nor stone were safe of its shelling, targets all free peoples who adhere to their land and homeland and are steadfast in the face of repeated attacks on them, using all kinds of weapons.”

The statement noted that the continuous and repeated attacks, on our regions, are aimed at eliminating the resistance and steadfastness of the peoples and destroying the project of the democratic nation, which is against its occupational project, especially after the liberation of the city of Manbij from the abomination of ISIS/Daesh terrorism, this project has become a thorn in the throat of the Turkish state.”

In the statement of the office, the goal of the Turkish occupation state in its attacks on the region was mentioned, which is “to restore the ambitions of the Ottoman Empire, as the Turkish occupation state proves its barbarism and arrogance by committing more massacres and crimes against civilians, women and children,” noting Turkey’s lack of commitment to international norms and laws, “all that matters to it is to terror the peoples and occupation of their lands.

The statement also saw the almost daily violations of the Turkish occupation state against women in the occupied areas, and said: “Behind it, it wants to strike harsh blows against women, weaken the spirit of resistance among women who live under the domination of the Turkish occupation, the eradication free women’s thought and undermine their will that wants to build a free democratic society. “

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