Civil Society Organizations In Tapqa Condemn The Turkish Crimes Against Kobane

On Monday (January 10th), the civil society organizations in Tabqa issued a statement condemning the Turkish attacks on the Kobane city, al-Shahba areas, and all criminal acts against our people who stand up to the Ottoman fascism.
The statement reads: “We condemn and denounce the recent brutal Turkish attacks on the city of Kobane and the areas of al-Shahba, and these retaliatory attacks against Syrians are clear evidence of the series of genocide committed by the Turkish occupation against peaceful steadfast Syrians in their homes.
” Through these aggressive acts, Turkey is directly challenging the International Coalition and Russia, the guarantors of the ceasefire agreement in the Syrian territory,” the statement added.
The statement concluded with an appeal to the international community to put an end to the Turkish crimes against Syrians who said no to Ottoman colonialism and Turkish fascism.

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