Luqman Ahmi calls on the people to rely on local production to confront the siege

This came during a meeting held by ANHA’ agency with the spokesman of Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Luqman Ahmi, regarding the siege imposed on the people of the region, and he said: “Since the establishment of Autonomous Administration in 2014 until now, it has been subjected to military and economic pressures in order to thwart its democratic project that achieves the goals and the aspirations of the people of north and east Syria.”

Luqman Ahmi stressed that Autonomous Administration emerges from within society and embraces all of society, and that its basis is the will, demands and needs of all components, and he continued, “For this reason, all authoritarian regimes, whether the Syrian regime or the regimes neighboring Syria are fighting this democratic project, because it does not agree with their authoritarian mentality. “

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