Eliminating One Of The Daesh Terrorists In Manbij

Confiscated weapons and ammunition
Eliminating One Of The Daesh Terrorists In Manbij
The terrorist was involved in the recent terrorist act targeted a civilian
By Sdf1 Last updated Jan 19, 2022
The Manbij Military Council has announced the elimination of a terrorist affiliated with Daesh and involved in several terrorist attacks against locals.
After an intensive monitoring and follow-up operation, the counter-terrorism Unit and the Internal Security Forces surrounded the house where the terrorist Ahmed Hassan aka (Sufyan) was hiding in the village of Madina Kabir, west of Manbij city. The terrorist (Sufyan) opened fire, rejecting the call for safe surrender, and clashes erupted that ended with the elimination of the terrorist.
The Counter-Terrorism Unit found several weapons and a large quantity of ammunition.
— 3 Kalashnikovs
— 3 swords
— 9 Kalashnikov magazine
— Shotgun
— Kalashnikov ammunition
— Amount of TNT
— Plastics handcuffs
— Mask

On 12 January 2022, the eliminated terrorist targeted the Livestock Corporation killing the guard on duty.

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