Fighters talk about Turkish military escalation north of Manbij, coinciding with Al-Hasakah events

In the past few days, villages northwest of the city of Manbij have been subjected to shelling, from Turkish bases deployed in the occupied Syrian areas opposite Manbij, which resulted in casualties among the citizens.

Since Tuesday, January 25, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries have targeted the village of Al-Tokhar Kabir, causing human and material damage, during which two citizens were injured, in addition to targeting the villages of Al-Sayada and Al-Yalani northwest of Manbij.

The targeting of citizens and the indiscriminate bombing of villages coincided with the attacks of ISIS mercenary cells on the Al-Sinaa prison in the city of Hasaka and attempts to release ISIS detainees.

In this context, the fighter from the Manbij Military Council forces, Ali Al-Jabri, says, “Turkey and its mercenaries’ bombing on the front lines came with the terrorist attack of ISIS on Ghweran prison, and this is evidence that ISIS is the spoiled child of Turkey, as it is the one who opened the borders for him to enter the territory. Syrian”.

He added, “The bombing always targets civilians, which is the most thing we think about. As for us, we offer our lives to our country, and we say to Turkey and its mercenaries, we will not leave our lands, even if it is on our blood. These areas were painted with the blood of the martyrs, and we will remain steadfast in them.”

While the fighter in the forces of the Manbij Military Council, Muhammad Ahmed, said that “the bombing of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries two days ago did not aim at the military points. .

Sanaa Al-Ali and her 6-month-old daughter were martyred on December 29 of last year in the village of Al-Sayada, north of Manbij.

Muhammad Ahmed added, “Turkey’s goal in occupying the fronts in conjunction with the Ghweran prison attack was to support terrorism. The occupation and its mercenaries are also bombing with mortars and rocket launchers, targeting civilians directly, and showing the Syrian Democratic Forces that they are unable to protect the people.”

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