Turkey-linked agents arrested in Manbij

The Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Manbij Military Council has arrested a member of the cells working for the Turkish intelligence (MIT) in Manbij, in possession of large quantities of weapons andammunition.

The Manbij Military Council’s media center issued a statement in this regard, revealing the details of the operation carried out by the Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Manbij Military Council, which led to the arrest of a member of a Turkish intelligence cell. The statement stated:

“Within the framework of the unremitting efforts made by the Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Manbij Military Council, through intensive and careful follow-up of suspicious movements that were monitored and monitored for a long time. And while carrying out their tasks in following up on those movements, on 3/1/2022 I was able to arrest the suspect” Khaled Muhammad Salama, nicknamed (Abu Uday), was born in Idlib in 1977, Khan Sheikhoun. It was discovered that he had been recruited by Turkish intelligence (MIT) in Manbij as an agent, after extensive follow-up and monitoring of him and his home for a long period of time, and his movements were monitored by Near the raid was carried out and arrested.

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