MMC: Turkish occupation continues with its provocations

The spokesman for the Manbij Military Council, Shervan Darwish, said that the Turkish occupation state continues with its provocations by reviving the specter of clashes and bombing, stressing that they are at a stage when everyone needs to search for peaceful solutions after 11 years of war.

Darwish’s statement to our agency came as a comment on the Turkish escalation on the Manbij fronts, through almost daily bombing operations, whether with artillery, missiles or drones.

The latest targeting operations were the bombing of the village of Arab Hassan, northwest of Manbij. The attacks of the Turkish occupation are focused on populated villages, endangering the lives of peoples.

On this, the spokesman for the Manbij Military Council, Darwish, said that “the Turkish occupation state continues with its provocations by bringing back the specter of clashes and bombing.”

He pointed out that “the Turkish occupation continues with this policy, whether through its mercenaries or through its bases on the front lines, and Manbij was repeatedly targeted on the northern front, in the villages of al-Jat, Aoun al-Dadat and Arab Hassan. All of these villages are bombarded on a daily basis.”

Al-Darwish pointed out that the Turkish occupation has recently used drones in bombing operations that targeted populated villages, resulting in injuries.

“Safe civilians in their villages are exposed to shelling on a daily basis, and we see that the Turkish state continues systematically with these provocations,” he added.

Regarding their position on these attacks, Darwish said, “We are using our right to self-defense, and assure the people that we will be the fortified shield against these targets and the enemy’s ambitions to occupy these areas. Over the past years, we have reached an advanced stage in building our defense system that will fail the enemies’ plans, People should be careful.”

And the spokesman for the Manbij Military Council ended his speech by saying, “We call on the international community and the guarantors who are directly familiar with these violations to intensify their efforts, because Syria, after 11 years of war, we need peace, and we are in a stage where everyone is in dire need of searching for peaceful solutions.” .

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