Manbij Self- Defence Office: coherent community could face threats

ANHA met Co-chair of the Manbij Self- Defence Office Hesen Awni who said ”the nature of the self-defence and the military formations in North eastern Syria represents all classes and components of society and they are attached by the social fabric of the society”. Awni said the obligation of the self-defence is a communal one that necessities coherence to be able to stand up to threats made.

Awni went on to say the system of the self-defence is to give protection to North and East Syria against any external threats whether militarily of what is known as the special war or to organize internal affairs that need a military protection too as well civil administration associations to liberate our areas from terror. We have made hundreds of sacrifices of martyrs and today it is the duty of the whole society to run itself militarily and administratively to protect the region against the adopted kids of war”.

Awni urged the people of the liberated from ISIS areas of North and east Syria to enlist in the self –defence formations on the ground to defend the lands they live on and to be one hand to give guarantee to their regions internally and externally indicating that the self-defence formations in Manbij protects their city against attacks carried out by the Turkish occupation forces and its mercenaries”.

Regarding the attacks on the Sina’a prison in the city of Hasaka lately by ISIS mercenaries Awni said we have seen recently that ISIS attack on the Ghweiran prison and the activation of sleeper cells in the region and the adoption of special war from some parts that sow sedition and recruit some people. All of these to strike at the stability and security of the region and to subvert the social fabric in our regions. Based on all of this it is our duty to protect and preserve the gains made thanks to the sacrifices made by martyrs and the repair made after the terror was defeated in our regions”.

Awni said there is always threats posed to our regions and for this they are all the time ready to defend the lands and people of Syria.

Co-chair of the Manbij Self-Defence Office said ” we have always sought a better future and to live ij peace and security. We have never encroached anyone but we are ready to defend our regions”.

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