MMC reveals outcome of Turkish barbaric bombing during 10 days

MMC’s Media Center said that ” Turkey transfers its internal crises to the outside, and convinces the Turkish public opinion of an imaginary victory over the media, as it is still escalating its hostile operations on all fronts of Manbij.”

The Center stated that ” The villages of “Al-Hoshariya, Al-Jat, Al-Tukhar, Aoun Al-Dadat, Al-Muhsinli, Arab Hassan, Um Adasa, Al-Sayada, Al-Yalani, Qart Wiran, Korhyuk, Jablet Al-Hamra, Al-Bu Ghaz, Al-Kawkli and the town of Al-Arima were systematically bombed on a daily, frequent and violent basis.

The Center added, “These villages were randomly targeted from bases of Qirata, Al-Tukhar, Al-Halunji, Al-Yashli, Sheikh Al-Nasser, Al-Zarzour, Shuwiha and Al-Yashli.

On June 2, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army made three attempts to infiltrate the village of Muhsinli through three axes, but all of them failed due to resistance of MMC’s fighters.

On the 3rd of this June, our forces stationed on the northern front managed to kill a mercenary and wound another while they were trying to plant a mine in the vicinity of Al-Muhsinli village, north of Manbij.

According to the Media Center the final outcome of the bombing within ten days is 445 shells on populated villages causing damage to civilians’ homes, properties and livelihoods.