The displaced in the Manbij camps, condemning the Turkish threats

The displaced in the Manbij camps, condemning the Turkish threats


The displaced people in the eastern camp delivered a statement on behalf of the camp residents against the Turkish threats against Manbij and Tal Rifaat, in the new eastern camp, in the presence of the camp’s administration and people.


The statement was delivered by the spokesman for the camp residents, “Mohammed Mansour,” and the text of the statement stated: “In the name of the camp residents, we reject all Turkish threats that aspire to occupy new areas in Syria.


The statement indicated: “We, as the sons of Syria, reject the policy of demographic change, and we consider any attack on the territory of Syria to be a declaration of war, the results of which will be ominous. Just as the Turkish state is looking for its alleged national security, we as peoples are also looking for a free and dignified life in which security, stability and prosperity prevail.”


He continued, “We, as displaced people, have faced many calamities as a result of the war, and after this region and the areas of northeastern Syria were settled, and we were and still dream of returning to our homes and our people, and the Turkish state is still renewing its threats and trying to displace us again after all these years.”


The statement stressed: “We will not accept that an inch of our land is occupied, and we will stand as an impenetrable dam in the face of all attempts to tamper with the future of our sons and daughters. We say no to war, no to injustice, and no to the Turkish occupation of northeastern Syria, which was the embrace and safe haven for us from displacement, destruction and killing.”


The statement demanded: “Humanitarian organizations and the international community to stand against these threats and to assume their moral, humanitarian and legal responsibilities against the ongoing and renewed Turkish threats to our regions.”

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