Two children lose their lives in Turkish bombing, and Turkish attacks continue


Two children were killed today, Wednesday, in a Turkish bombing that targeted the village of Arab Hassan, north of the city of Manbij, with a guided missile.


A guided missile targeted the house of Abdel-Latif Al-Hanafi, killing the two children, Muhammad Abdel-Latif, born in 2009, and Ahmed Fouad El-Hanafi, born in 2010, both of whom are cousins ​​from the same village.The source of the bombing was the Turkish base facing the village of Arab Hassan, located north of the Sajur River, north of Manbij.


On the other hand, the locust farm north of Manbij was subjected to mortar shelling, and more than 15 shells fell on the farm.


It is noteworthy that the aggression of the Turkish occupation army violates on a daily basis, with heavy and medium weapons, populated villages, causing material damage to homes and agricultural lands, as well as displacing the people.


Media Center of Manbij Military Council