ISIS last days in Baghouz

The siege on ISIS last held in Baghouz is being tightened and its fighters are trying to surrender after evacuating all the civilians. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) along with the Manbij Military Council, declared officially the final battle to end the terrorist organization.
“The progress in the last battle to defeat the terrorist organization was slow because of the large number of the civilians inside the city whom they were used as human shields by the terrorist organization”. Said the field commander “Abu Abdo al-Sheikh” in an interview.
He added; After evacuation all the civilians by our forces and surrendering a large number of the terrorists, the battle has been declared against the remaining besieged terrorists. He emphasized that those who chose to remain and not to surrender have suffered a fatal defeat.
He also noted that SDF were stepping forward slowly and cautiously, considering the large number of tunnels in the area, beside the mines planted by the terrorists.
At the end of the interview, al- Sheikh said: “it remains only few days and we will be back to Manbij with the victory signal”.