The Self-Defense Committee presents a “honorary shield to the Military Information Center

Manbij- The self-defense committee in Manbaj and its countryside honored the Media Center of the Manbaj Military Council in recognition of the efforts made by the members of the Center in media coverage and their support for the military campaign that led to the victory of a mercenary in Deir Al-Zour.

In this context, the Joint Presidency of the Committee for Self-Defense, Aziz Al-Yousef (shield of victory), presented to members of the military media.
She mentioned them in their talk about their achievements in media coverage.
And blessed them with the victory to defeat terrorism from northern Syria,
A member of the Menbeg military council, Colle Hooshink, added condolences to the Committee of Self-Defense for the martyrs of the seven who were killed in the course of their duty.

Hoshink said that the self-defense committee played its role in Manbaj and congratulated them on the achievement of some important tasks in the city of Manbaj. She concluded by thanking the Committee and the mercy of Shahdana and the victory of our forces.

Media Center of Manbaj Military Council