Statement to public opinion and media

Statement to public opinion and mediaWith great sadness and sorrow, we received the news of the martyrdom of one of the fighters of the Manbaj military council, in an incident while performing his duties on the lines of the fronts surrounding the city of Manbaj. At that time, our military forces perform all their duties to protect the sanctities and values ​​of the people, and not to allow any threat to the welfare of the people in the city and its countryside, the martyr Juma’a al-Jaafar from the Manbaj countryside. During his term of office, he showed all his comrades a desire to join the work and life. He was always patient and patient. He was always willing to join all the missions in the brigade of the Martyr Nemt Brigade. In addition to his qualities, which was an example to all his comrades, he was distinguished by the respect he showed to everyone around him. And now we meet him as a martyr for his homeland, land and people
We extend our deepest condolences to the martyrs of the martyr Juma’a al-Jaafar. We congratulate ourselves and all the families of the martyrs. We pledge to follow the path of the martyrs of freedom and realize their will to continue the struggle for a secure and stable life for the homeland and the people.

The martyr’s record is presented to the public opinion as follows:

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