The arrest of 3 cells by a quality operation in the village of Halula

Manbij – a qualitative operation carried out by the Internal Security Forces of Manbij in the village of Halula, arrested three members of the terrorist cells of Daash, and possession of quantities of weapons and explosive materials.
After investigation and follow-up with the citizens, on 26 June 2019, the Internal Security Forces carried out a combing operation in the village of Al-Halula of Manbij. As a result, three terrorist elements belonging to Daish, who are closely associated with terrorist activities in the region, And commit assassination crimes.
The security forces seized with them weapons, ammunition, bombs and explosive materials, and amounts of funds, and were referred to the competent authorities.
“The main concern of the Internal Security Forces is to cooperate with the local masses and tribal leaders to provide the highest levels of security for their citizens,” the Internal Security Forces said in a statement.
“The internal security forces are fully committed to maintaining security and stability within our society and thank all citizens for their civilized cooperation during these operations and their success.”
The Internal Security Forces appealed to all citizens to cooperate with the security forces and to communicate with them if they receive any information that could help thwart the plans and attacks of sleeper cells and thus save the lives of civilians, call the following number: 0991134593.

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