The body of the martyr Ibrahim al-Hajji is buried in Manbaj

Manbj – a solemn ceremony today the people of the city of Manbaj and rural the body of the martyr Ibrahim al-Haji fighter in the Council of Manbaj military to his last resting place in the Martyrs’ shrine, who died of a heart attack during the performance of his military duty.
Hundreds of people, leaders and fighters of the Manbaj military council and representatives of the Civil Administration of Mabjj and its villages participated in the ceremony. The funeral procession was launched in front of the Euphrates Hospital. The mourners carried pictures of the martyr and flags of the Menbaj military council and chanted slogans that glorify martyrs.
When the mourners arrived at the shrine, a ceremony was held that began with a minute of silence for the martyrs’ lives, with a military parade by the fighters of the Manbaj military council.
He praised the role of the martyrs in liberating the region and protecting it from all threats and creating security and stability, stressing that the struggle and sacrifices of the martyrs resulted in freedom, peace and coexistence in Manbaj and North. East of Syria in general.
At the conclusion of his speech, Mohammad Ali renewed on behalf of the military forces the covenant of all martyrs and their families to continue the struggle on the approach of the martyrs and defend the gains achieved in the region thanks to their blood, and protect the region until the last shaft.
Then he carried the comrades of the martyr his body on the shoulders to hide his body in his last resting place in the shrine of the martyrs of Manbaj.
Media Center of Manbaj Military Council