Internal security in Manbaj finds and destroys explosive materials

Internal security in Manbaj finds and destroys explosive material
Munbj – The Internal Security Forces in the city of Manbaj, in cooperation with the coalition forces, have destroyed the quantities of explosives they found in the vicinity of one of the centers of the internal security forces in the city.
After finding these explosive materials, the ISF quickly evacuated the site and imposed a security cordon around the area where they found the material in order to protect civilians and passers-by. The engineering teams of the security forces intervened in cooperation with the International Coalition to examine and dismantle these materials.
Therefore, the Internal Security Forces appealed to all the people to cooperate with the security forces and to report on any suspicious body they find. The Internal Security Forces also pledged to be the watchful eye to protect the security and stability of the region and protect the residents from all dangers.
Media Center of Manbaj Military Council