Statement to public opinion and media

Statement to public opinion and media
We have received the news of the martyrdom of one of our fighters in the Council of Munbaj military martyr Al-Khalid “Bassam loyal” after a long conflict with the disease, and despite the ongoing treatment, but all medical attempts did not succeed to save his life to witness the impact on July 15 this year.
And the martyr companion “Bassam loyal” had joined the forces of the Council of Menbaj military battalion Martyr Nuri Assaf of the Martyr Brigade, “Nimet” in 2017 and participated in the liberation campaign of Al-Raqqa and Deir Al-Zour.
The martyr has a high moral decency, and a virtuous qualities made him role model among his comrades with the qualities that he possessed, along with his enthusiasm and love for life and thus earned love and respect around him.
We at the Manbaj Military Council feel sorry for our loss.
The martyr has proved to everyone in his life that the love of the homeland and defending it from the name of one’s own love of the land and its people.
We would like to thank the martyrs of the martyr Bassam Al-Mu’il and all the martyrs’ families. Our promise to our hero will be to follow his footsteps and complete his struggle and achieve all the goals that the martyrs sought.

The martyr’s record is presented to public opinion

Real Name and Ratio: Bassam Pro
The kinetic name: Assad al-Akidat
Mother’s name: Delayed
Father’s Name: نمر
Place and date of birth: 1984 Homs
Place of Birth:
Place and date of martyrdom: Manbaj 15/7/2019