The Office of Military Relations and the Peace Commission reconcile two communities in Manbaj  

In order to solve the social problems and spread the spirit of tolerance among the people of the region, the Military Relations Office of the Manbaj Military Council and the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) relations in coordination with the reconciliation committee initiated a reconciliation between two clans which had a dispute over a traffic accident.
The reconciliation session was held on Wednesday (July 24th) between the Turkmen and Aoun communities at the headquarters of the Manbaj Military Council. The two families, members of the Office of Military Relations and Relations of the Self-Defense Forces, and members of the reconciliation committee in the city of Manbaj attended.
The cause of the conflict between the two tribes is the exposure of a member of the tribe of aid for a traffic accident caused by a member of the Turkmen tribe, about 45 days ago.
Therefore, the parties called upon the leaders of the two clans to resort to reconciliation, considering that what happened was a “fate and destiny” and not a deliberate act, stressing the need for a spirit of tolerance and amnesty so that such conflicts do not create a tribal rivalry that could have serious consequences for society as a whole.
The leaders of the two communities thanked the parties that sought to hold this reconciliation and stressed that they are ready to remove the dispute that has occurred between the two parties, and the reconciliation and reconciliation of hearts and agree to all the conditions provided by parties seeking reconciliation.
After the agreement to provide the cause of the incident some material compensation to the injured party, reconciliation was held and the two parties pledged not to cause any dispute or exposure of any of the parties to each other, concluded by embracing the elders of each other to emphasize the purity of hearts and tolerance.
Media Center of Manbaj Military Council