Memorial ceremony for the martyrs of July and a statement condemning the Turkish threats at the shrine of the martyrs of Manbaj

The Council of Martyrs’ Families and the Munbaj Military Council commemorated the martyrs of July during a ceremony held at the shrine. During this ceremony, the mothers and wives of the martyrs cast a statement denouncing the repeated Turkish threats against the northern and eastern regions of Syria.
The commemoration ceremony was held at the shrine of the martyrs of Manbaj, the families of the martyrs, leaders and fighters of the Menbaj military council and members of the Internal Security Forces, and a number of members of civil administration institutions of Mnbaj.
The ceremony began with a minute of silence, followed by a speech on behalf of the Council of Martyrs’ Families, which was recited by Hanadi Al-Mohammad. “Today we all remember the month of July every year, with light shining on us in the dark, the sea of ​​redemption and sacrifice, no words to describe their greatness, The most glorious campaigns and redemption in defense of their people and land and their pride, and proved to the whole world that we are a people who love freedom and peace. ”
She also offered condolences to the families of the martyrs, especially the parents and wives of the martyrs, and said: “You have offered your children a sacrifice for the precious homeland and for the sake of freedom and live in dignity, if not for the blood of your sons who were blessed, we could not enjoy the safety we live today.
During the ceremony, the mothers and wives of the martyrs in Manbaj condemned the continuing threats by the Turkish state to the northern and eastern regions of Syria. The statement was read by the administrative board of martyrs’ families, Hasna al-Daher, the mother of martyr Mahmoud al-Issa.
“First, on behalf of the mothers and wives of martyrs who sacrificed their lives and their pure blood for the security and stability of our country and fought valiantly and forcefully in order to live in safety and peace. We ask every woman in general and especially the mothers and wives of the martyrs to continue on their martyrs’ Standing steadfastness and pride in the face of any enemy was for the dignity of their children and their lives with dignity.
Women have been and continue to be the symbol of the redemption of the homeland and do not forget that it is the strength and the basis of sacrifice and is ready to give its spirit for dignity and live in safety. It was before and still suffers despite all circumstances to contribute and organize this country and behind every martyr a woman stands as a homeland and as we see vigils and sit-in camps. The Turkish threats have not stopped and the objective is to occupy more Syrian territory, but this goal will not be achieved. We will stand up to these threats and we will fight as we fought our sons and daughters who defeated the organization, calling the terrorist and liberating our country.
As we stand today as the mothers and wives of the martyrs on this day, we denounce and denounce these Turkish threats on our liberated land. We say to them that you will not suffer from your hopes, and as we stand today to commemorate our martyrs who stood up heroically and sacrificed their most precious possessions and adorned our land with their pure blood until liberated. We promise them to follow their heroic path. ”
At the conclusion of the statement, the participants lit candles on the shrines of the martyrs in memory and commemoration of their memory.
Media Center of Manbaj Military Council

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