Manbij Military Council announced the yearly summary of Euphrates Shield mercenaries’ violations in the region


Our forces have defeated all the projects aimed to destabilize the security and the attempts to bring down the democratic experience in the region after defeating ISIS terrorists in cooperation with SDF and the International Coalition together with the people of the city.
Despite all the challenges, our forces remained on standby and sacrificed to pursue their duty to protect the people and to protect their lives and properties. As we approach the third anniversary of Manbij liberation, our Information Center documented Euphrates Shield violations on the front lines throughout the last year and exposed them to the public opinion to unveil the aims of such factions, which became toys in the hands of those who seek to divide Syria and occupy it.

The number of violations and provocations by the mercenaries of the Euphrates Shield at the Manbej Military Council and Al-Bab Military Council points on the front lines (222) times, the following weapons were used in these violations: Dushka 23_14,5_12,5, PKC, Sniper, Kalashnikov and M Sixteen mortar shells (9) were also used.
Shelling of these factions also caused the burning of agricultural crops as a result of firing with explosive bullets and light grenades on agricultural lands and olive trees, and in the aftermath of fires in agricultural crops in Halounji, Mohsenli, Tukhar Al Kabir and Ilan villages, which burned hundreds of dunums of wheat and barley.
Also counted (29) explosive devices, explosive bicycles, and explosive belts and in the outcome of the martyrdom: 3 fighters of the military council, and wounded 19. 4 Coalition Forces were killed and 1 were wounded. 8 civilians were killed and 22 were injured.
Three explosive devices were dismantled by the competent teams. In the raids, several sleeper cells were arrested.
Despite the escalation of the threats of the enemy, the Manbij Military Council continues its commitment to continue its tasks, and stresses on every occasion that it is ready and ready to defend the gains of the people of Manbij and its countryside, against threats and destructive projects and that it will work with all possible abilities in ensuring security and stability and will not hesitate in any A moment of exercising his legitimate right to defend and stabilize the city, in parallel with the pursuit of terrorism that threatens the region.
Media Center of Manbej Military Council

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