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With great sadness and sorrow we received the news of the martyrdom of the fighter in the Manbij Military Council (Ali Haroun), nicknamed (Abu Haroun), after suffering a heart attack he had suffered previously. Although he received treatment in Manbij, he died of a severe heart attack.
The martyr fighter (Ali Haroun), who was known for his dedication to his work and enjoying the spirit of sacrifice for his homeland and his people, is a native of Manbij, born in 1971.
He joined the forces of the Manbij Military Council in 2016, and participated in many liberation campaigns against the oppression and terrorism of ISIS, from the liberation of Manbij city to the liberation of Deir Ezzor, the last stronghold of ISIS.
The martyr (Ali Haroun), despite being married and father of children, did not spare the call of his land and his people to join the ranks of the revolution and fighting alongside his comrades to lift injustice from his family and liberate his city, and despite his age, he was moving actively and spirit of youth, In addition to his high morals and the spirit of struggle, which earned him all the respect and appreciation among his comrades.
We are in the Manbij Military Council as we condolize ourselves and the families of the heroic martyr Ali Harwa and all the families of the martyrs on our loss to him, and renew his covenant to complete his career, and his companions will remain on the covenant they made him, and we will commemorate his memory at all times and places and walk on his path until achieving what he wishes in Achieve.

We record the record of the martyr hero (Ali Haroun) as follows

Name and Surname: Ali Haroun
Name Surname: Abu Haroun
Mother’s name: Fatima
Father Name: mihamad
Place and Date of Birth: Manbij 1971
Place and date of martyrdom: Manbij 3/9/2019

Manbij Military Council Media Center

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