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Internal security forces are lying to rumors and revealing the true image of the citizens of Manbij
The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces in Manbej City issued a statement to the public about the recent circulation of lies and rumors about the abduction of children in Manbej.
As we know, the anniversary of the liberation of the city of Manbij from ISIS darkness by the heroes of the Manbij Military Council and the Internal Security Forces with the support of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the International Coalition forces has passed.
Since liberation, the internal security forces of Manbij have received internal protection tasks and assumed responsibility for the security and safety of Manbij city and maintain its security and stability in the face of the hostile authorities.As these forces managed to maintain civil peace and protect the city, those hostile parties after military and diplomatic failure to end the situation Security in Manbij, therefore began to take another way in its efforts to destabilize, through the spread of rumors and lies through the media and social networks, with the aim of spreading sedition and destabilization of security and sowing fear in the hearts of our parents, mothers and children, by promoting rumors about plans P children in Manbej.
Therefore, we want to note to our people in Manbej that all these rumors are a method of private war and have no validity. We assure the public that there has been no case of abduction of children since the liberation of Manbij, but only one case occurred on 2/9/2019, where his child was found by age. For three years in a neighborhood of Manbij city, then the Internal Security Forces rushed to help the young girl and now she is in good health.
Accordingly, the Internal Security Forces opened an investigation on this subject, and after investigation, investigation and search for people who committed this crime and tried to create panic among the people, and violate the principles and values ​​of humanity and morality of our society, the forces were able within less than 72 hours to reach the actors and arrested and are now under When the proceedings are over, the circumstances of the crime and those behind it will be uncovered and the perpetrators brought to justice for their punishment.
In this context, we appeal to our families not to believe those rumors and lies about kidnapping and other rumors circulating, and assure them that it is a new game and attack by the hostile parties to hit the security and stability enjoyed by our city, and call on all people to inform the security authorities as soon as possible in the event of or heard For any such situation, we can investigate and verify the truth.
In conclusion, we promise our people and people in the city of Manbij that we, as the internal security forces, will remain fully prepared and ready to prevent any threat to our city, and we invite our people to cooperate with us so that we can block any attempt to destabilize the security and stability of our city.

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